Thin Film Controller

Thin Film Controller with Integrated Display
Adaptable. Affordable. Unconventional.

  • Eon-ID™ is a new thin film controller that packages an ultra-high resolution deposition control system into a compact, rackmountable enclosure.

    Featuring integrated display, intuitive GUI, and durable architecture, Eon-ID™ offers an all-inclusive design that adapts easily to a variety of settings – ranging from industrial to laboratory to clean room to research environments. Eon-ID™ integrates well into existing rack thin film control systems. Connectivity includes ethernet, usb, and WiFi options.

    Employing a unique temperature compensation system to monitor the temperature of the Phoenix™ quartz crystal sensor, Eon-ID™ is the only thin film controller of its kind that is capable of real-time temperature measurement and source control.

    Features include:

      • Integrated display to fit greater variety of settings and applications
      • Connectivity includes ethernet, usb, and WiFi.
      • New, easy-to-use interface
      • Rackmount capable (standard 19” 5U high rack, two Eon-IDs per rack slot)
      • Dual channels for expanded capability
      • Advanced technology that increases reliability and durability in industrial environments
      • Temperature monitoring system that reads crystal to within +/- 1°C accuracy

    Ready to learn more? Request our most recent data sheets, talk to our engineering team about your specific needs, and receive a quote for your own Eon-ID™ thin film control instrument by contacting us at or calling +1 480-634-1449.
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  • Datasheet
    Latest version of the Eon-ID™ thin film controller datasheet.
    Eon-ID™ ds
    User Manual
    Eon-ID™ Controller user manual.
    Eon™ Controller user manual
    Quick Start
    Eon-ID™ thin film control instrument quick start guide.
    Thin Film Control
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  • Thin Film Control
    Thin Film Monitor/Controller w/ Integrated Display
    Integrated system monitors temperature and controls thickness
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