The Importance of Mastering Temperature

Mastering Temperature
Temperature Control & Tolerance
Colnatec is sole manufacturer of a QCM designed to independently control temperature levels during a thin film process. Through a combination of sophisticated materials and design, the Tempe™ sensor is also capable of withstanding great temperatures. This dualistic, temperature-oriented ability to remotely control the temperature of a sensor sealed inside a chamber provides users with a remarkable level of precision in directing execution and outcome.

Colnatec sensor technology operates on a few basic principles:

  • Self-Heating. Increases stability and crystal longevity.
  • Thrives in Hot Process Environments. The ability to withstand harsh environmental conditions is crucial in a variety of processes, such as CIGS furnace processing for solar cells and atomic layer deposition for semiconductor processing.
  • Temperature Compensation System. A multipronged approach to temperature compensation maintains temperatures at an astonishing +/- 1°C accuracy.

Temperature Compensation
As part of temperature control, Colnatec temperature compensation technology combines multiple operations to achieve maximum precision. Why is temperature compensation important?

  • Maximum Accuracy. Erratic temperatures produce flawed data.
  • Maximum Stability & Reliability. Stable crystals are less noisy and, therefore, less prone to failure.
  • Maximum Sensor Life. Heat compensation contributes to crystal stability, hence contributing to crystal longevity. Additionally, a sensor featuring heat control can rejuvenate a crystal regularly using an intense heating process, giving a crystal a much longer lifespan.

Temperature compensation is critical for your manufacturing processes. Colnatec has found that temperature fluctuation is the primary culprit in false readings, general instability, and reduced sensor life. With its high temperature-capable QCM instrumentation, Colnatec has been able to adjust to temperature fluctuations through temperature compensation. When you compensate for temperature and actually heat the crystal, the environment is stabilized and the optimal process environment is achieved. While other, inferior technology treats temperature as a matter of faith, Colnatec offers the only products on the market capable of putting temperature control literally into the hands of the user.