Tempe™ System PC

Tempe™ System
Heated Thickness Control System
Maintain crystal temperature to within +/- 1°C

  • Tempe™ system is designed for thin film coating process control for high temperature applications. High temperature environments can cause excessive rate noise and lead to significant errors with process control. With a heater built into the sensor head, Tempe™ can operate at, and maintain, any temperature within a range of 40-500°C and can even initiate a high-temperature, self-cleaning “bake cycle” that extends crystal life and reduces interruptions from crystal failure in a continuous process environment.

    As part of Tempe™ system, Eon™ controller is a film thickness controller that packages an ultra-high resolution deposition control system into a compact module that is operated using Colnatec software installed on your PC.

    Employing a unique temperature compensation system to stabilize the temperature of the self-heating Tempe™, Eon™ is capable of real-time temperature measurement and temperature control.

    Incorporating the Tempe™ sensor head with the Eon™ controller, Mirage™ Air-Cooling System, and HT™ crystal represents a quantum leap forward from existing sensor and process control technology.

    •Rackmount capable (standard 19” 5U high rack, two Eon-ID-H™ per rack slot)
    •Dual channels for expanded capability
    •Advanced technology that increases reliability and durability in industrial environments
    •Temperature compensation – maintains crystal at +/- 1°C of preset temperatures
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  • Colnatec is sole manufacturer of a QCM designed to independently control temperature levels during a thin film process. Through a combination of sophisticated materials and design, the Tempe™ sensor is capable of withstanding great temperatures. This dualistic, temperature-oriented ability to remotely control the temperature of a sensor sealed inside a chamber provides users with a remarkable level of precision in directing execution and outcome.

    As part of temperature control, Colnatec temperature compensation technology combines multiple operations to achieve maximum precision.

  • Images of Tempe™ sensor and screenshots of Eon™ software

  • Datasheet
    Tempe™ System datasheet
    Tempe™ System datasheet
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    Tempe™ Sensor datasheet
    Tempe™ Sensor user manual
    User Manual
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    Tempe™ user manual
    Eon™ Controller datasheet
    Eon™ Controller datasheet
    User Manual
    Eon™ Controller user manual.
    Eon™ Controller user manual

  • Tempe™ System
    Film Thickness Control System with Temperature Measurement and Control Capability
    What do I get?
    •Tempe™ Sensor with Temperature Control and Crystal Rejuvenation
    •Eon™ Film Thickness Controller
    Mirage™ Air-Cooling System
    •Cables, Oscillator, and Power Supply
    •User Manual, Quick Start Guide, and Warranty
     Starting at $8995.00
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