Thin Film Sensor

Thin Film Sensor
Efficient, Affordable, and Improved Design
Thermocouple Design Called ‘Industry First’ and ‘New Paradigm’

  • Temperature fluctuation is the most significant cause of frequency drift in crystals. Standard sensor heads address this unsuccessfully with water-cooling. While many manufacturers advise that crystal temperature be kept “around 20°C”, their sensors have no means of measuring temperature. Real-world application has shown that a standard water-cooled sensor can experience a 20°C discrepancy within as little as 10 minutes during high-rate deposition. In an industry of nanometer measurements, this level of variance will easily result in significant inaccuracy within thickness reading. Thus, Colnatec has conceived and created the Phoenix™ thin film sensor.

    New Screw-on Crystal Cap Design – Simple Yet Secure
    With a newly-engineered ergonomic twist-on crystal cap, Phoenix™ combines efficiency, simplicity, and durability into one basic design. Unlike Tempe™, Phoenix™ was created for applications where temperature control and self-cleaning abilities are unnecessary. In this way, the Phoenix™ thin film sensor is a more affordable alternative to the “souped up” Tempe™ thin film sensor that contains a more advanced feature-set. Both sensors provide unprecedented utility and performance.

    The Phoenix™ thin film sensor is optimized for use with Eon-LT™ controller or monitor and Colnatec RC™ and HT™ crystals. RC™ crystals are uniquely immune to radiation spikes and film stress caused by shutter openings, film condensation, and source radiation. HT™ crystals are ideal for ALD (atomic layer deposition) applications, reducing ex-situ metrology sampling and scrapped runs due to real-time control of process and/or reactor conditions. Used with Phoenix™, these crystals increase accuracy in film deposition per wafer leading to higher process yield and improved film quality.

    New Thermocouple Design
    Designed to address temperature variance, Phoenix™ has traditionally been fitted with an embedded thermocouple rod that could be read with a standard thermocouple meter. The new thermocouple design employs a cable distribution node (on the chamber side) that increases the accuracy of temperature readings to within +/- 1°C.

    When integrated with Eon-LT™ film thickness monitor or controller, the Phoenix™ thin film sensor can automatically graph temperature and frequency alongside the corresponding rate and thickness values on a PC, allowing for real-time correction and accuracy up to .001 Hz.


      • Improved thermocouple design combines functionality and reliability
      • Embedded type K thermocouple
      • Simple, screw-on cap improves crystal accessibility and security
      • Designed for 14 mm diameter crystals, up to 10 MHz operation
      • Available with 2.75 ConFlat or KF-40 feed through as stock configuration. Length 30” (762 mm). Custom sizes, flanges, and bends available. Also available with compression fittings to allow infinite length adjustability
      • Standard SMA air side connection for crystal measurement. Compatible with the Colnatec Eon-LT™ or other film thickness monitors and controllers

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  • Datasheet
    Phoenix™ Sensor datasheet.
    Tempe™ Sensor user manual
    User Manual
    Phoenix™ user manual.
    Phoenix™ user manual
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    Phoenix™ Sensor quick start guide.
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  • Phoenix™
    Temperature Monitoring Sensor
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