Temperature-Reading Film Thickness Monitor
Compact, Affordable PC-Based Film Thickness Monitor

  • Eon-LT is a temperature measuring film thickness monitor that surpasses conventional monitors that are blind to thermal changes of the crystal. The combination of frequency and temperature measurement allows unprecedented accuracy in real-time rate and film thickness monitoring.

    Why measure temperature? Because the frequency change of a crystal by process heating can easily be equal to the frequency change caused by coating. In normal operation there is a built-in 10% error in most rate measurements. In the worst case it can be 100%. Why measure if your measurements are always wrong?

    •Temperature measurement for added precision
    •Shutter on/off support (relays)
    •Connectivity: RS-232, USB, and WiFi
    •Operated using the included, easy-to-use software or controlled via Colnatec’s
    documented RS232 protocol.
    •Dual channels for expanded capability

    Ready to learn more? Request our most recent data sheets, talk to our engineering team about your specific needs, and receive a quote for your own Eon-LT Monitor by contacting us at sales@colnatec.com or calling +1 480-634-1449. Buy now directly from PhillipTech.com! 

  • Datasheet
    Eon-LT™ datasheet (pdf)

    User Manual
    Eon-LT user manual (pdf)

    Quick Reference Guide
    Eon-LT™ quick reference guide (pdf)

  • Eon-LT
    Thin Film Monitor

    What do I get?
    •Eon-LT Film Thickness Monitor
    •Cables and Power Supply
    •Software CD, User Manual, Quick Start Guide, and Warranty
    Starting at $895

    Email sales@colnatec.com or
    call +1 480-634-1449.

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