Eon-LT ™ Monitor

Temperature-Reading Film Thickness Monitor
Compact, Affordable PC-Based Film Thickness Monitor

  • First, Colnatec changed the level of dependability and precision in thin film deposition with the Tempe™ Hot Sensor System. Then, after receiving feedback that not every customer requires process or temperature control, Colnatec designed a monitor with the same level of innovation and excellence as the Eon-LT ™ Film Thickness Monitor, but reduced it to the bare essentials to provide a more compact unit at a lower price point. Introducing the Eon-LT™ PC-Based Film Thickness Monitor.

    ‘OLEDs absolutely need accurate layer sizes, since without temperature compensation, the device performance is directly affected. After positive pre-tests we are now about to implement Tempe in our continuously run OLED production. The new sensor system of Colnatec will help to speed up our development time for OLED prime materials for our OLED display and lighting customers.’
    Kai Gilge, Head of the Engineering Division at Novaled

    Just like Eon™ monitor, Eon-LT ™ is a temperature measuring film thickness monitor. This surpasses conventional monitors that are blind to thermal changes of the crystal. The combination of frequency and temperature measurement allows unprecedented accuracy in real-time rate and film thickness monitoring.

    Why measure temperature? Because the frequency change of a crystal by process heating can easily be equal to the frequency change caused by coating. In normal operation there is a built-in 10% error in most rate measurements. In the worst case it can be 100%. Why measure if your measurements are always wrong?

    While Eon-LT ™ Monitor is compatible with industry standard crystal sensors, it was also specifically created to be paired with Colnatec’s Phoenix™ in combination with AT or RC™ 6 MHz crystals for a degree of precision never before imagined in the world of thin film.


      • Temperature measurement/control crystal measurement
      • Shutter on/off support (relays)
      • Heater status indicator on unit and in software
      • Communicates with fully customizable software
      • Widely expandable systems – up to 255 Eon-LT ™ Monitors can be networked
      • Temperature monitoring system that reads temperatures to within +/- 1°C

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    Ready to learn more? Request our most recent data sheets, talk to our engineering team about your specific needs, and receive a quote for your own Eon-LT™ Monitor by contacting us at sales@colnatec.com or calling +1 480-634-1449.

  • The following images represent screenshots from the Eon™ software that accompanies Eon-LT™ monitor

  • Datasheet
    Eon-LT™ Monitor datasheet
    Eon-LT™ Monitor user manual
    User Manual
    Eon-LT™ Monitor user manual
    Eon-LT™ Monitor user manual
    Quick Start
    Eon-LT™ Monitor quick start guide.
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  • Eon-LT™
    Compatible with Phoenix™ and other sensor head brands. Contact us to find out more.
     Starting at $845.00
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