Temperature-Reading Film Thickness Monitor
Compact, Affordable PC-Based Film Thickness Monitor
  • Eon-LT is a temperature measuring film thickness monitor that surpasses conventional monitors that are blind to thermal changes of the crystal. The combination of frequency and temperature measurement allows unprecedented accuracy in real-time rate and film thickness monitoring.
    Why measure temperature? Because the frequency change of a crystal by process heating can easily be equal to the frequency change caused by coating. In normal operation there is a built-in 10% error in most rate measurements. In the worst case it can be 100%. Why measure if your measurements are always wrong?
    •Temperature measurement for added precision
    •Shutter on/off support (relays)
    •Connectivity: RS-232, USB, and WiFi
    •Operated using the included, easy-to-use software or controlled via Colnatec’s
    documented RS232 protocol.
    •Dual channels for expanded capability

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  • Datasheet
    Eon-LT™ datasheet (pdf)
    User Manual
    Eon-LT user manual (pdf)
    Quick Reference Guide
    Eon-LT™ quick reference guide (pdf)
  • Eon-LT
    Thin Film Monitor
    What do I get?
    •Eon-LT Film Thickness Monitor
    •Cables and Power Supply
    •Software CD, User Manual, Quick Start Guide, and Warranty
    Starting at $895
    Email sales@colnatec.com or
    call +1 480-634-1449.