Thin Film Electronics
Eon-ID™ Controller
From Colnatec’s thin film electronics line, a new film controller that packages an ultra-high resolution deposition control system into a compact, rackmountable enclosure. Unlike anything else in the world of thin film electronics, Eon-ID™ features integrated display, intuitive GUI, and durable architecture. More
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Thin Film Electronics
Eon-LT™ Monitor
Eon-LT™ is a temperature measuring film monitor that surpasses conventional monitors which are blind to thermal changes of the crystal. The combination of frequency and temperature measurement allows unprecedented accuracy in real-time rate and thin film monitoring. More
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Tip: Promoting Crystal Longevity
Even if you water-cool your crystal sensor to exactly 20°C, you can encounter an even bigger problem. Ever had a crystal abruptly fail when you were coating a substrate with a high stress film such as magnesium fluoride or silicon dioxide? You probably thought it was the dreaded “bad crystal” problem. Well, after making several million crystals, the people at Colnatec agree that periodically a few get past QC. But even when a “good crystal” is used, abrupt failure still occurs. In some cases it is simply a spatter caused by the deposition source. That will kill any crystal. But by and large, the greatest source of early crystal failure is stress build-up in the film being monitored. I minimized this problem when I invented the “alloy” quartz crystal in 1987. This is actually an ultra thick aluminum coated crystal. The extreme thickness of the aluminum minimizes the stress build up in the crystal, leading to significantly longer life, often 100 to 200 percent longer. It works, and most optical coating laboratories use aluminum instead of the thinner gold electrode crystals. You can make gold thicker, but it tends to dampen out the crystal vibration if you get too extreme. More about crystal longevity and temperature measurement and control of QCMs.
Learn the inner workings of the electronics inside an Infinity 12-crystal thin film sensor.