AT Standard

AT Standard
AT Standard Replacement Quartz Crystals for Film Thickness Monitoring Systems

  • Colnatec manufactures and stocks replacement quartz crystals for most commercially available film thickness monitors. AT Standard includes 6 MHz, 14mm diameter crystals (for Inficon™, Sycon™, Sigma™ Instruments and Maxtek™ instruments), 5 MHz, 14mm diameter crystals (for Balzers™ instruments), 5 MHz, 12.5mm diameter crystals (for Ulvac™ and Sloan instruments). Colnatec offers the standard electrode coatings as well: gold/chromium and aluminum (or “alloy”).

    As always, Colnatec offers a 100% money back, no questions asked guarantee. When you purchase Colnatec quartz crystals, you can be certain that you’re getting the highest quality products at the best possible prices with the confidence and security of the company’s rock-solid guarantee.

    We package all of our quartz crystals in a clean-room-compatible package, which holds 10 crystals. Careful attention to packaging design ensures that the center of the crystal, where the actual measurement occurs (within a radius of 3 mm from the center), is not touched or contaminated by the plastic. We use pharmaceutical grade PETG plastic for the top, and hand-cleaned polystyrene for the base. This differentiation in plastics is necessary due to the buildup of static charge between two pieces of PETG. Some manufacturers use anti-static PETG, but this material contains a polymer agent that will eventually leach onto the crystal surface.

    What are Quartz Crystal Monitoring Systems?
    This article provides a rudimentary background in quartz crystal monitoring systems.

  • AT Standard
    AT Standard Quartz Crystals (20-100°C)
    Gold or Alloy

    Starting at $39.50
    10-crystal pack
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