Mirage Air Cooling System

Mirage Air Cooling System
Pulsating air counterbalances heat inside crystal compartment

  • Mirage Air Cooling System is an accessory that works in conjunction with Tempe™ and Eon-ID-H™ controller, as part of Tempe™ temperature control system.

    How it works
    In order to achieve and maintain a specific target temperature on the crystal, the self-heating Tempe™ QCM first heats the crystal to the temperature set in the control software. If Tempe™ exceeds the desired temperature, Mirage™ is triggered, blasting the crystal compartment with cold air and returning the crystal to the desired temperature. This type of regulated, hot-to-cold ratio control mechanism is capable of sustaining a tolerance of +/-1° C or better.

    Refrigerant-Free Air Cooling. Not only maintenance free and environmentally safe, but when using regulated air the Mirage™ is easily capable of holding the sensor to a tolerance of +/-1°C.

    Maintains Temperature up to 500°C. Mirage Air Cooling System produces a temperature output capability of 28°C (50°F) BELOW the supply air temperature, allowing the Tempe™ sensor head to maintain any temperature within 50-500°C.

    Quiet Operation. While the cold air output is connected to the Tempe™ sensor head through a cooling line, the Mirage™ reduces noise by muffling and dispersing the hot air output.

    Versatility of Application. Because it is triggered by a simple relay input, Mirage Air Cooling System can be used as a cooling device in alternative applications.
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  • Mirage Air Cooling System
    The maintenance free and environmentally safe Mirage Air Cooling System counterbalances heat inside a QCM crystal compartment
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