Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD-optics) for Optical Coatings

BEST SOLUTION: Phoenix™ + Eon-ID™ Controller + RC™ Crystal (pdf)

< Optical thin films such as MgF and SiO cause crystals to become excessively noisy and/or fail early, preventing completion of deposition run
< Multilayer dielectrics consisting of 50 or more layers exceed the capacity of crystals due to excessive film buildup
< Ultra thin film layers used in “needle” synthesis optical film manufacture are difficult to measure due to crystal rate shock upon opening of the source shutter
< When the shutter on the deposition source is opened, the crystal rate spikes then settles, causing the rate reading to be obscured

< Heating crystals to 90°C allows extended crystal life by reducing stress, thereby eliminating noise and crystal failure, often by as much as 500%
< Alloy quartz crystals significantly reduce film stress leading to low noise, long crystal life
< Temperature measuring instrumentation offers greater process control with knowledge of crystal temperature

< Alloy quartz crystals (standard AT or the stress-resistant. patented RC™)
< Eon-ID™ Controller or Eon-LT™ Monitor or Controller

For additional information, refer to the following datasheets:
Product Guide – Optical Coatings

In addition to providing software, hardware, and electronics to the PVD-optics industry, Colnatec manufactures instrumentation for many thin film processes, including ALD, OLED, CIGS and CVD. We have products currently in production that address the needs of multiple thin film technologies, and we are currently developing new products to address our customers’ unique thin film needs for the following:

Product Guide – OLED: Organic Light Emitting Diode
Product Guide – CIGS: Copper Indium Gallium Selenium
Product Guide – ALD: Atomic Layer Deposition
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