Organic Light Emitting Diode (OLED-Display)

BEST SOLUTION: Tempe™ + Eon™ System (pdf)

< Long deposition run times, particularly with in-line systems, are not possible due to limited crystal life (crystals fail at or around 10 hours)
< Noisy crystal behavior (rate noise +/- 50% of set point signal) leads to inaccurate thickness measurement and early crystal failure
< Measurement of thin (<100 angstrom) layers is error prone due to thermal shock of the sensor crystal upon exposure to the deposition source
< When the shutter on the deposition source is opened, the crystal rate spikes, then settles, causing the rate reading to be obscured

< Elevated crystal sensor operation temperatures (above 90°C) minimize crystal noise and extend crystal life
< For standard sensor heads, Colnatec’s superior finish AT-cut quartz crystals are designed to ensure low noise operation due to special surface treatment
< Patented, specialty cut crystals reduce noise as a result of their insensitivity to stress and radiant heat (RC™ and High Temperature (HT™) crystals are impervious to thermal shock and result in high accuracy)
< Temperature-controlled sensor heads and instrumentation stabilize the process and extend crystal life

< Colnatec’s superior finish AT-cut quartz, RC™ or High Temperature (HT™) crystals
< Tempe™ heated, self-cleaning sensor head (particularly for R2R, continuous runs)
< Eon™ Monitor or Controller

For additional information, refer to the following datasheets:
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