Copper Indium Gallium Selenium (CIGS) process for making thin film (flexible) solar cells. CIGS-Solar

BEST SOLUTION:  Tempe + Eon System

< Selenium buildup causes short circuiting of sensor head and high noise due to dissipation factor, resulting in crystal failure and inability to real-time monitor process
< High temperature selenium processes (furnace) are beyond the range of conventional quartz
< Heavy buildup of materials cause crystal failure due to loss of crystal activity

< Heated crystals increase the crystal lifetime by reducing film stress and increasing crystal activity (“Q”)
< Specially-constructed high temperature sensors can operate at temperatures in excess of 500°C with very stable frequency and rate behavior
< Patented, noise-resistant quartz crystals and temperature compensating instrumentation

< Tempe™ high temperature sensor head for heavy buildup and self-cleaning functionality
< Eon™ Controller for high temperature control and (▲T) noise correction
< High Temperature (HT™) quartz crystals

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