Film Thickness Sensor

Phoenix™ Thin Film Sensor
Phoenix™ Film Thickness Sensor
Combining efficiency, simplicity, affordability and durability into one basic design, Phoenix™ film thickness sensor provides accuracy of temperature readings to within +/- 1°C. Phoenix™ is designed for 14 mm diameter crystals and up to 10 MHz operation and is available with 2.75 ConFlat or KF-40 feed through as stock configuration. More
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thin film sensor with temperature control
Tempe™ Tempe™ Thin Film Sensor with Temperature Control
Designed for thin film coating process control for high temperature applications, the Tempe™ system is suitable for high temperature environments that can cause excessive rate noise and lead to significant errors with process control. With a heater built into the head, Tempe™ can operate at, and maintain, any temperature within a range of 40-500°C.
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Infinity™ Multicrystal Film Thickness Sensor
Infinity™ Multicrystal Film Thickness Sensor
Infinity™ is a multiple crystal film thickness sensor head designed for high vacuum thin film deposition. Infinity™ is capable of holding twelve, 14 mm industry-standard crystals. By utilizing an in-vacuum stepper motor system for crystal indexing, Infinity™ exceeds conventional and unreliable pneumatic technology. Best used with Colnatec RC™ crystals (allowing for operation up to 200°C) and Eon-ID™ controller. More
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Loading crystals into an Infinity™ multicrystal thin film sensor

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Colnatec Partners with Novaled on thin film sensor

Thin Film SensorColnatec partners with Novaled in advancing the world’s only self-heated sensor system for pinpoint precision. More

Holder of numerous patents Colnatec received the Department of Energy SBIR Phase I and II awards for a self-cleaning process control sensor to be used in manufacturing CIGS solar cells. This sensor extends crystal life indefinitely and enables solar cell manufacturers to achieve cell and module efficiencies well beyond the status quo. Colnatec is also one of about eight winners of the Arizona Commerce Authority Innovation Challenge Grant Program for promoting innovation in the technology sector.