Film Thickness Controller

Film Thickness Controller with Integrated Display
Adaptable. Affordable. Unconventional.
  • Eon-ID™ is a film thickness controller that packages an ultra-high resolution deposition control system into a compact, rackmountable enclosure. The unit can be operated using the onboard software or controlled via Colnatec’s documented RS232 protocol. (For more on controlling Eon-ID™ using the RS232 protocol, see “RS232 Commands” in the latest Eon-ID™ user manual).
    “Why is this product described as a “controller”?
    Featuring integrated touchscreen display, intuitive GUI, and durable construction, Eon-ID™ offers an all-inclusive design that adapts easily to a variety of settings – ranging from industrial to laboratory to clean room to research environments. Eon-ID™ integrates well into existing rack thin film controller systems. Connectivity includes RS-232, usb, and WiFi options, 10 programmable relays, and 8 inputs.

    Employing a unique temperature compensation system to monitor the temperature of the Phoenix™ quartz crystal sensor, Eon-ID™ is the only comprehensive solution of its kind that is capable of real-time temperature measurement and source control.
    •Integrated touchscreen display and software for process programming and monitoring –
    easier to use than a smartphone!
    •Connectivity: RS-232, USB, and WiFi
    •Rackmount capable (1 or 2 Eon-IDs per slot)
    •Dual channels for expanded capability
    •Advanced technology that increases reliability and durability in industrial environments
    •Built-in temperature monitoring and source control
    I/O Ports
    Relays: 10 (programmable); 1 (abort only)
    Inputs: 8 (programmable)
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    Read about the Eon-ID™ film thickness controller capabilities on the Colnatec blog

  • Datasheets
    Eon-ID™ datasheet (pdf)

    User Manual
    Eon-ID™ user manual (pdf)

    Quick Reference Guide
    Eon-ID™ quick reference guide (pdf)

  • Thin Film Control
    Film Thickness Controller w/ Integrated Display
    Integrated system monitors temperature and controls thickness
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