Key Personnel

Scott Grimshaw :: CEO
Scott’s extensive scientific background in quartz crystal microbalances, film thickness monitors and high temperature crystal technology is a key asset for Colnatec. Author and co-author of 8 U.S. patents ranging from thin film photovoltaic cell manufacture, high temperature microbalances, optical sensors and piezoelectric powered security devices, Scott has the tools and skills to manage any new and ongoing Colnatec sensor projects. He is the founder of two solid state sensor R&D and manufacturing companies –Cold Springs R&D, Inc. (Now owned by FilTech)and Tangidyne Corp—both profitable ventures still in operation.

Author/Co-Author on 8 patents
Inventor of the shock/stress resistant thickness monitor RC crystal
Inventor of the “Alloy” crystal
Inventor of the world’s first high temperature heated quartz crystal system
Founded, built, and sold crystal manufacturing company, 1990-2004

Colnatec Recognitions:
2010-2013 Department of Energy Phase I & II Small Business Innovation Research grants
2011 Arizona Commerce Authority Innovation Challenge Grant winner
2012 Arizona Commerce Authority Fast Grant winner
Member, Department of Energy-Clean Energy Alliance
Member, Department of Energy SunShot Program
Research Partner, Photovoltaics Manufacturing Consortium
2012 Department of Energy “Success Case Study”